Symptoms: unusual clumsiness, amusement at oneself, often followed by increased clumsiness, greater hilarity, and occasional need for assistance in accomplishing ordinary tasks. Symptoms occur almost daily, but are usually worse every few days. Symptoms do not include embarrassment or low self-esteem and are not general thought unpleasant, only inconvenient.

Treatment: Relax. This is not a life-threatening disease, and always goes away on its own within a couple of months. For 98% of people it only lasts a few days or weeks. It may reoccur from time to time throughout your life, however. There is no treatment generally agreed upon to lessen the impact of the disease. Some local doctors suggest various natural remedies, which you can find on other sites if you wish. My suggestion is to simply enjoy the entertainment while it lasts. It’s not every day that clumsy the clown goes to town with such skill, so play it up and have fun!

– Laura Anne (a frequent relisher of the disease)


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