God’s Incredible Love

I had plans to write about something different today, but this morning I have been feeling particularly thankful for God’s love for mankind, so I decided I’d rather express those thoughts instead. The story of God’s love is more beautiful to me than any other story I’ve ever heard or read. It’s not fictional. It’s not just a nice Hallmark based on the true events of people that I’ve never met. It’s a personal story about God’s incredible goodness towards me and includes the stories of many other people who also (like me) don’t deserve what they’ve been privileged to experience. I want to tell you the part of the story that relates to me.

Most of what I truly used to be was hidden from the public eye. You might have known me in my earlier years and never noticed the signs of who I was on the inside. I was selfish, not in the way that made me unpleasant to be around, but that selfishness was at the core of everything I did. My selfishness drove me to be dishonest. I became a liar, and I frequently cheated on my schoolwork. I was a girl who never desired to do anything for anyone unless I felt I would be recognized or appreciated for doing it. I had very little consideration for God and his word. I lived the morals of the Bible so far as I felt they benefited me (if they made me look good, or feel good), but where they seemed to counter what I thought was more comfortable or enjoyable, I always chose to ignore them and live my own way. Beneath my sweet exterior was a lot of ugliness and rebellion that was not hidden from the eyes of the all-knowing God. Why would God have any consideration for such a self-centered, foolish, disobedient girl as I was? Yet he did!

1.) He pulled me out of slavery to my sin, and gave me a new desire to love and serve him.

2.) He forgave me of all my sin, and freed me from the coming judgement. I no longer need to fear his wrath.

3.) He continues to give me a greater and greater desire and ability to obey him, and I find I trust him more and more the longer I know his ways.

4.) He promises that no one can snatch me out of his hand and nothing can separate me from his love.

5.) He has prepared great things for all those who love him. I look forward to spending eternity with him in the new heavens and new earth in which righteousness dwells!

As Paul Washer of Heartcry ministry once put it:

“What Grace! He declares the wicked righteous by the blood of his dear Son. He prepares good deeds for them by his sovereign will. He empowers them by his Spirit, and then he rewards them for what they have done as if they had done it. What grace! What marvelous grace!”

-Laura Anne


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