More Verbatim Scripture Songs

I have a confession to make. Of the verbatim Bible songs we own that are not free, my very favorites were made for children. I don’t have a problem with that.

Okay, I’ll admit to turning the volume down in the before I pull up someplace where people might hear what I’m listening to, just in case somebody might notice. But really, I’m not sure exactly why I feel the need to do that, because these CDs I’m going to mention actually contain nice music. I think a lot of adults would concur. The songs are quality enough that my whole family enjoys them, and I’m the youngest of the clan. I actually think I could fool you (with many of the songs) into thinking that they were meant for adults. So if you’re not too dignified to try them out, you should definitely invest. Of course, if you have kids at home, you have no reason to be embarrassed anyway.

Here are the ones you need: Seeds Family Worship (8 cds, I think) and Jim Spencer’s Scripture Memory Songs (1 and 2).

That will keep you busy for a while, but when you start wanting fresh material, here are some more ideas to try. These are actually written for adults:

Mark Atrogge (or Alligator as we call him, since we’ve never been quite sure how to pronounce his last name) has 10 Scripture song cds here.

Jim Orrick has 2 cds of Bible music. Jim Orrick is an old family friend of ours. My friend Lydia wrote a post about his music and included an order form on her blog for His albums. Check that out here.

You can also check out the Fighter Verse songs. There are enough good ones to make a nice “best of” cd, but you have to do some weeding. Benjamin’s already done the work of finding the ones that he thinks are worth buying, so you can get that information from us if you want.

Sherri Youngward has Scripture Songs 1 and 2, but be aware that she does some translation mixing on a few of the songs to make them work. Around here we call that cheating, but it’s not as bad straight up paraphrasing. We’re kind of hard core about wanting our songs to be word-for-word, so we were a little disappointed when we discovered that she did that. But, she has a really nice sound. I like her choice of instrumentation. Certainly worth the money.

Slugs and Bugs by Randal Goodgame is also nice (this one is for Children). Some of the songs are paraphrased Scripture, though, so be aware of that.

Michael E. Owens has some in psalter style, for those who like that.

I forgot to mention 2 other free albums last time. There is a set of songs from Philippians, and a set from Galatians, done by Covenant Life Church. Visit this site and scroll down until you see the ones by Covenant Life Church.

Hope you have fun exploring these!

– Laura Anne

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