Routine of Bygone Days [life before Bryan started college]

My alarm clock buzzes, the room is still dark. I turn off the alarm and lie still on my bed as my eyes begin to adjust to the darkness. A few minutes pass before I hear the faint buzzing of another alarm clock in my brother’s room. I wait and listen. His door opens, the bathroom door closes. Soon it opens again and I hear his feet in the hallway. He appears at my door and he sniffs. I sniff back in response and the day begins. 

I join Bryan on his way down the stairs for breakfast. No words have been exchanged yet. Our sniffs sufficed for “good morning.” He arrives a few steps ahead of me, flips on the kitchen light, then proceeds to get out the things he needs for breakfast. Meanwhile I stand squinting in the doorway of the kitchen, temporarily blinded by the light, wondering why Bryan’s eyes never need to adjust like mine do. Once my eyes have adjusted I get out my cereal and start eating. On a cold day we wrap ourselves in blankets and stand over the floor vents as we eat.

Breakfast finished, I leave Bryan downstairs studying his Bible and head back upstairs to tackle the first bit of my schoolwork. A couple of hours pass and things are going smoothly, but it’s now approaching that   time of the morning when life gets very sleepy. I begin the struggle to stay awake. If I were smart, I would get up and walk around at this point to wake myself up. But I’m so comfortable. It would be a shame to change that. So I convince myself that I have the willpower to stay awake just as I am. I feel myself drifting off and I shake my head a little. This happens a few times. Finally I decide it would be better just to give way to my sleepiness and take a short nap. That feels so good! I wake up refreshed and ready to tackle some more of the day’s responsibilities.

At 10am, on the dot, Bryan shows up at my room. It’s time to practice violin and he is my “personal instructor.” He tells me what to play; instructs me about how to make it better; makes me play the same line of music over and over and over again until I get it perfectly; encourages me by telling me that if I practice well there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to play this piece of music better than most students do. He makes me work on all the things I don’t want to work on, and I pretend like everything he tells me to do is the end of the world (at the same time making it obvious that I don’t really think it’s as bad as I’m making it out to be).

As soon as 11am comes Bryan jumps up from his seat and runs down the stairs with me at his tail. It’s lunch break! He arrives at the kitchen ahead of me and opens the refrigerator door (perfectly timed) so that it slams in my face as I enter the kitchen. I was expecting it, so I catch it before it hits me. Bryan pulls out the “heggs” (eggs) and makes his typical “hegg sandwich” for lunch. I find something else in the refrigerator to eat and get going on that. And of course it’s necessary to end every lunch with a cup of cereal. 

On a nice day we stand on the back porch looking over the railing as we eat. We might comment on such an occasion, “Man, it’s “hebold” out here!” The word “hebold” finds it’s origin from the phrase “Hebold a Dice Nay.” or “Behold a nice day.” 

The school-day is about half over at this point. But the other notable events of a typical day-in-the-life, such as “vises” and “tinking sessions” and of course the 3pm “rejuthavidge”, have already been chronicled elsewhere on this blog. I’ll spare you and myself the time it would take to write them again here. 

Those old days were great, but I can’t say I miss them. These current days are just as good, only different. All of this makes me wonder what a-day-in-the-life might look like in the future. It’s interesting to think of looking back on these current days in just the same way I’m looking back now. What are those little routine things I do now that will be so memorable later I wonder?


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