The mirror or the face?

I had a funny dream recently. I dreamed that I was looking at myself in a mirror and my reflection was showing a funny expression. So I quickly switched to a smile, but my relection made an ugly face at me. That struck me as odd, so I tried another face, and another. Each time my reflection showed me a different face than I thought I was making. This began to worry me. If this mirror was reflecting the truth, I couldn’t imagine what people must think of me! All kinds of deflating thoughts were running through my head. “Does this mean that every time I’ve smiled in the past, people have actually smiled back at me because I was twisting my lips into a funny position and not because my happiness was contageous?” “Have I really been flaring my nose every time I’ve been thinking hard, and sticking my tongue out every time I’ve been surprised?” It was a sinking feeling, let me tell you.

How could I even show my face in society again? How did I ever make it in life this long without realizing that this was happening? Why didn’t someone tell me? Is it possible to re-learn how to use my face correctly? Could I train myself to stick out my tongue when I want to smile? Ahhhhhhh!

Now I’ve given you my dream. You give me its interpretation.


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