Change is in the Air

Obviously my life would have seen more change had I gone to Boyce College, but it looks as though I will experience quite a bit of change just the same.  

On the negative side, I will no longer attend the youth Bible study. I know I will miss it. I have learned so much though it over the years. Being an old-timer I have many, many memories of past meetings. I was there when it was no more than a book study (we read Desiring God, Wasted Faith, and another book or two). And then I remember a shallow study of Colossians (just discussion), then 1 Peter (Benjamin and Bryan teaching alternately), 2 Peter (which Bryan taught), Romans 1-8 (which Bryan also taught), and then the big change when Bryan left. I recall more recent and still good days of John, Romans, and more. Looking back I can see that, as an unbeliever, God used the seriousness of the believing youth and much of what was taught to draw me to himself. And as a believer He has used the study in a huge way to grow me in love for Him and His Word. And yes, there are many less important things that I remember as well such as the huge spider in the Eppler’s basement, the famous Skyler/Emily illustration, the hard floor at my dad’s office, “CFYBS The Magnificent Moments,” the time when Bryan clapped his hands to bring us back to attention, and (not proudly) the early days when it was not uncommon for us to get side tracked by giggling and discussions about food.  

On the positive side, I will be joining the ladies Bible study. I’m excited about this opportunity to interact with and to learn from these godly ladies! I’m also just excited to be immersed into a group of people that I don’t know as well. I know they will be so interesting and fun!

Another negative: I will no longer be able to be a part of our home congregation’s ladies Bible study because it meets at the same time we will be having our Torah and Matthew discussion. It has been exciting to hear what everyone is learning from the Bible these past few months! I will miss being a part of that.

Another positive: The Muller Center for Biblical Studies (for so we have named it) will begin with seven of us—Emily, Sarah, Jacob, Skyler, Annie, Ashley, and myself—plus my dad and Mr. Burchett. It begins just two weeks from Thursday! I can’t wait to see what God will teach us this year!   

So there you have it. I eagerly await these coming changes!



2 thoughts on “Change is in the Air

  1. We’re all going to miss you at Bible study. I was just thinking today about some of the ‘back in the day’ 😛 Bible studies when Bryan was teaching. Ah, good times those were! I miss them, but at the same time, I’m excited about how things are changing (and enjoying all the teaching at Bible study now).

    Have an amazing time watching the Lord lead you down new paths and work even more in your life!

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