Which would you rathest eat?

Though I would rathe eat spinich tonight, I would rather eat tacos. But of all three of the options, I would rathest eat pizza.

Benjamin just looked up “rather” in the our huge Oxford English Dictionary. This was the interesting discovery: “rathe” was a word used to mean “quickly.” Thus to say “I would ‘rathe’ do this” was like saying “I would ‘quickly’ do this.” So “rather” really means “more quickly,” and “rathest,” “most quickly.”


3 thoughts on “Which would you rathest eat?

  1. I would rathe finish English, but I would rather like to finish geometry proofs. Really though, when it comes down to it, I would rathest like to finish chemistry.

    That’s really neat! I yike it!

    See you,

  2. Hmm, vewy intewesting. So, why would we say something like “I rather like that”? Doesn’t quite seem to follow the same meaning, does it? Hmm, vewy, vewy intewesting.

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