See full size imageApproximately three days ago, my thoughts turned from . . . actually I can’t remember what . . . to lollipops. It struck me as odd that my mental associations with the lollipop were not good ones. Most people probably think of the lollipop as something that uplifts the spirit, and would doubtless place it in a category with “raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens,” if you catch my meaning. But these were not my sentiments at all.

It was as this point that I decided to conduct a small study on the associations people have with certain words. You can begin to be a part of this study by commenting your thoughts on the lollipop (I’d also be interested in your thoughts on clowns). I have a feeling that such a study will yield fascinating, entertaining, and perhaps downright hilarious results. The first few about the lollipop, which I acquired via email with my brothers, are quite enjoyble. Read these and add your own:

Benjamin: “Just little kids in the amusement park. And hot sidewalks. Colorful spirals. Hot melting candy. Long cartoon tongues.” 
Bryan:  “Negative associations. Men with nets and long noses searching for innocent children, clowns, etc. Generally, I think of a lollipop as something with an attractive outward appearance that, if you fall for it, will turn into a trap.”
Myself: “I have similar associations to yours, Bryan. The guy with the curly hair and really long, pointed nose in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is my first thought. Then I think of spoiled, unhappy, selfish children, that demand from their parents more lollipops or they will have a tantrum. Lollipops always produce bad results in my mind. Funny, Benjamin, that lollipops aren’t spoiled for you.”
Benjamin: “I’m not saying that I approve of little children running around with sticky fingers and climbing under carnival tents. They shouldn’t do that. I just read half a book about a carnival accident. A little girl nearly got killed under the Farris wheel. Besides, lollipops are bad for you. But I had forgotten about that nosy creep. He’s like a nightmare that I’ve gotten over. 
Maybe I should try a lollipop sometime. Do you just take a bite out of it or do you let the bugs collect on it all day?”
Bryan: The nosy guy from chitty-chitty is definately the first thing that comes to mind. Lollipops give me the creeps. Cotton candy, too. Anywhere there’s carnival candy, keep an eye out for a trap.


3 thoughts on “Lollipops?

  1. Actually, what first comes to mind is this song: I used to listen to it in my Grandparents’ car. So, I guess not all negatives. Some good memories in there. My sisters and I actually still sing this song occasionally.

    Otherwise, definitely the creep from Chitty-Chitty.

    Stickiness, sure. Bugs, absolutely. Red and blue tongues. Kids with really messy faces, lollipop juice running down their cheeks and onto their shirts.

    So much sugar, I feel sick thinking about it. Like cotton candy.

    Just to name a few. 🙂

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