“It’s Christmas, after all”

Everyday is Christmas day. That is, every day until my brothers spread their wings and migrate east for the semester. Our family has been doing a lot of recreational stuff over the last week. My brothers actually spent a few days without studying anything, which is very unusual. The common excuse is: “We can do whatever we want. It’s Christmas day. ” I think this reasoning is quite reasonable. Everyone should take some time off from studying once in a while, especially during the holiday season. I’m very glad that my brothers have come to see the light, because it can be dreadfully lonesome doing nothing profitable all by myself.

Benjamin and I learned how to play backgammon today. Not a bad game. I lost, but hey, somebody had to lose the first game. We may pick that up some more over the next few days.

We as a family listened to To Build a Fire (Jack London), and some of Huckleberry Finn. You can hear them for free online. http://www.loudlit.org/

Benjamin and I (plus Mama at the end) used every letter from two Scrabble sets to create a crossword formation on the kitchen table. Every word had something to do with Christmas. It got challenging at the end, but we managed to make it work.

We’ve had the ping-pong table in our living room for a few days. There wasn’t room in the basement to set it up, so my brothers brought it around the house, through the snow, and into the living room. I haven’t played much, but my dad and brothers have been going at it quite a bit. The think is, I’m not good and they are. My brothers discovered they can make it better exercise by jumping every time they hit the ball. There’s a lot of action in those games.

I’ve been having a jovial time–more fun in general then I’ve had in a while, this family time has been amazing, probably because my family is amazing–but at the same time I’ve been finding it easy to neglect spiritual disciplines. Pray with me that I would fill my time with meditation (day and night), unceasing prayer, and constant rejoicing.

Hope everyone is having a jolly time!



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