The Calendar

“Oh Marilla, looking forward to things is half the pleasure of them! You mayn’t get the things themselves, but nothing can prevent you from having the fun of looking forward to them.” (Anne of Green Gables)

Am I strange if I say that I like looking at my calendar? Bryan used to think it odd that I would sometimes spend a good amount of my spare time engaged in this activity. I really enjoy sitting down on a rainy Autumn day like today–perhaps with some nice quiet background music–pulling some covers over me, and opening up my calendar. It’s almost as enjoyable as reading a good book. I preminisce about upcoming events, and reminisce about past ones. To me, opening up my calendar is something like heating up water for a cup of memories and imagination.

Here are a few upcoming events on my calendar:

My Dad arrives home from India tomorrow evening. I’m expecting lots of stories and pictures. Did I ever mention that my dad is the most godly, loving, funny, enjoyable, spiritually edifying and encouraging friend and dad I could wish for? Why is it that God gave me such a great dad? Many people have angry, abusive dads, and many have none at all. I have not only a believing dad, but one that seems to really know how to be a “dad” in every aspect of the word. That’s a lot more than most people can say.

October 31 is the fall party at the Olson’s. I’m so excited! 

On November 7th I take the SAT. Yay! (“seriously?”) Well, not that I get to take it, but that it will be over with. I have to keep a positive outlook, right?

November 15th is the Heatland meeting. Need I say more?

November 21st is exciting for two reasons. One: Bryan get’s home! Two: I have a violin recital. Actually, I can’t decide whether or not to be excited about the violin recital. It really depends on how I feel about my piece a week or so out. I don’t feel that great about it right now, which is a bad sign. But if I totally persecute the piece, the world doesn’t end. Bryan will arrive home later that day to sweep my troubles away. And if I’m surprised with an outcome quite the opposite, he’ll be there to rejoice with me.

And November 23 marks the arrival of Benjamin. I like Benjamin. Around Benjamin one is bound to have nothing other than an educational-good time. There are almost no exceptions to this rule. Benjamin also has a classic type of refined humor that’s refreshing. It can’t be described. You just have to know him.

So those are the highlights of this month and next. It’s probably more interesting to me than it is to you, but I wanted to write about it anyway. So if you read it, you’re my true friend. If you didn’t, well, you won’t be reading this so never mind.


4 thoughts on “The Calendar

  1. I LOVE looking at past events too 🙂 I’m too disorganized to write down what is coming up… But yes, it is almost as good as a good book 😀 Your life sounds funnly busy right now 🙂 That is great! I’ll be praying for you as you take your SAT. What a great outlook you have on it 😉 It is definitely refreshing once it is done and over with 😀
    Enjoy the rest of your month! Sounds like it will be a great one! 😀

  2. “persecute the piece” is quite the awesome turn of phrase. ; )

    I miss hanging out with you and the rest of the Elliff clan. We’ll have to do something over the winter break. Maybe a small chorale group reunion?

  3. Yippee!

    Too bad there won’t be a whole lot of vizing until January because of UTXL. I’ll really like UTXL when I work there, but I have half a mind to not like it now.


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