Do I use too many parenthetical statements?

Answer me honestly. Do you think it will improve my writing if back off a little in the use of parenthesis? Do I use them too much? Is it noticeable, distracting, or downright funny how often I use them?



13 thoughts on “Do I use too many parenthetical statements?

  1. To back up what I said in my last comment I should have said it more like this.

    I don’t notice it (that may be because I use a ton myself).

    I’d sort of like to know, what’s the problem with using a good amount of parenthetical statements?


  2. Good question. I’m not exactly sure. I guess I’m worried that it would get to be a little destracting; like too many smiley faces. In my opinion there ought to be a limit to the amount of smiley faces one can use. But, it doesn’t really matter. Parenthesis, smileys, . . . it’s really all a matter of opinion. I’m sure lots of people think the opposite of what I do about them. So, if you’re one of those indefatigable smiley-facers, you don’t have to stop because of me. There are plenty of people out there that think lots of smileys are great. And I doesn’t really bother me that much.


  3. I know you’re not an “indefatigable smiley facer” Amy. That part of the comment is not addressed to you. Just so you know.


  4. I’m quite militant against “indefatigable smiley-facers” personally.

    Parenthetical statements give a scattered, rabbit-trail feeling. Too much non-essential detail and nuance. You nuance a sturdy, thrusty spear too much and it becomes a wet pool noodle. It’s the same with language. What you say, say directly.

  5. What you say makes sense. However, I still like parentheses. Parenthetical statements fit in with a rambling-y style sort of writing, which I enjoy using.


  6. Amen to that too. I mean, I know what you’re saying. And I sort of agree with both of you, but you can’t both be right. Who’s right?


    Oh, by the way. There is a point at which smiley faces really do get to me. I prefer none at all, but usually they’re only a little bothersome. One every other line is WAY too many. That’s bothersome.

  7. Shall we start discussing the use of exclamation marks next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now that’s what I call bothersome.

  8. I think they both of us can be correct. If you’re aiming for some formal sounding writing leave off the parenthetical statments. If you’re going rambling, by all means, use them. Use them or don’t use them depending on what style you want.

    Exclamtion points. I actually find myself becoming more of an exclamitory person that I thought I was. Three in a row would be my limit though. Except when I’m talking about Faith!!!!!!!!!! You never know what might happen then.


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