Creeks of Fun

Around 2:00 last Friday, the neighbors watched as Benjamin and I strode down our neighborhood streets carrying a sled and a massive inner tube. There’s no pool in our neighborhood. And even if there were, people don’t typically take sleds to it. What were we doing? We were heading down to the creek to raft. We wanted to answer two questions. The first was: “Will a sled work as a boat?”

When we reached the creek (down a little trail at a dead end within very close walking distance from our house) we tried the sled. That didn’t work. We proceeded to answer question two: “Where will we end up if we travel some distance down this creek”. My flip-flops wouldn’t stay on because of the muddy floor, so I decided to leave them in the sled, which we left behind. Situating ourselves in the inner tube, we began our travels.

There wasn’t a whole lot of actual rafting. It was more like sloshing through the creek with an occasional ride. And even then, it wasn’t an easy ride for both of us. It was almost easier to just walk. A lot of times Benjamin walked and pulled me in the inner tube behind. And some of the time we both walked, a little uncomfortable on my bare feet with all the rocks. And a few times we both got in the inner tube, because it got too deep. Yes, I did say “too deep.” You may not have thought it would be that way in a creek, but in one spot it was over my head!

So the creek kept going and going, and we didn’t know where we were. Finally we saw something up ahead. It was the highway. We were going to go under I-29. We had come a long way! We never knew that the creek went under I-29; we had never seen the creek from the highway. This was interesting! What else would we find? We sloshed on.

We eventually came to a spot where we could climb up and look around. We climbed up and found we were at a construction site. We climbed back down and decided it was time to head home.

When we got back, there was a rock in our sled that we hadn’t put there, and my flip-flops were gone! There were also foot prints that didn’t match ours, leading away from the sled. Somebody stole my shoes, and was probably planing to come back for the sled! I don’t really miss the flip-flops, they weren’t very comfortable anyway, but it was a little creepy to think that somebody had stolen them.

Anyway, we spent about two and a half hours in all, and had what Emily C. and Sarah would call “a blast and a half!” Bryan was jealous because he had to work. We’ll definately go back again sometime. Only, next time we won’t take a sled, and I’ll take shoes that will stay on my feet.


7 thoughts on “Creeks of Fun

  1. This story made me laugh. If anyone would decide to test whether a sled could float, it would be you and Benjamin. Which makes you both awesome and slightly crazy. 😉

  2. Fun stuff! If you’re looking for another adventure, I might suggest “iceblocking.” It’s an Iowa thing, I guess. You freeze ice in a big plastic container, then pop it out, stick a towel on top, and “sled” down a hill! No snow needed. It works like a charm, especially if you let the ice melt a little. 😀

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