Definition of Poor in spirit

Here’s what I take ‘poor in Spirit’ to mean, but I’m not infallible:

Someone who is poor in spirit realizes that he is unable to provide for himself spiritually. He depends completely on God for his salvation. He knows that all of the good works he can scounge up will not be nearly enough to pay his debts. He trusts in God alone.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”


2 thoughts on “Definition of Poor in spirit

  1. Hi Laura. Bill Gothard writes: Humility comes from understanding depravity. The more we comprehend the true nature of our bankrupt condition before God, the less room there will be for pride.

    The parable of the taxcollector and the pharisee in Luke 18:9 shows one who is pround in spirit and one who is poor in spirit. Thanks for your blog. Rex in NZ.

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