Bad for the bed with Bobby

In this episode of Bad for the Bed with Bobby, Bobby jumps over a pile of clothes and the table, and lands in the middle of the bed, causing a loud cracking sound.  Tune in next time for another episode of Bad for the Bed with Bobby

I’m sure at this point you’re wondering what in the world I’m talking about. A few days ago Bryan jumped onto the bed and a faint cracking sound was audible. I remarked, “That’s got to be bad for the bed.” Bryan’s fertile mind immediately led him to reply “It’s bad for the bed with Bobby.” We then began inventing episodes.   

Comment your own episode ideas if you like, I’d enjoy reading them.


7 thoughts on “Bad for the bed with Bobby

  1. ha. you guys crack me up.

    The next episode: in which Bobby attaches 1000 helium balloons to his bed and flies to China. Except the balloons begin to pop over the Pacific and his poor bed is forced to crash land in the water. Which does nothing to help that widening crack in its frame…

  2. Thank you for joining us for this combination (that’s right, I said “combination”) episode of Bad for the Head with Bobby and Bad for the Bed with Bobby. In this episode, Bobby attempts to balance on the head-board of the bed as a tight rope walker would balance on a tight rope. His foot slips, he falls, and his head contacts the dresser next to the bed with a sickening thud. Please join us next time for Bad for the Bed (and Bad for the Head) with Bobby.

  3. In this episode of bad for the head with Bobby, Bobby tries jumping off of His bed and catching onto the running ceiling fan for a ride through the air. Unfortunately, the fan is not strong enough to hold Bobby up and Bobby and the fan crashing down to the bed…

  4. In this brand new episode of bad for the bed with Bobby, Bobby walks in to his room one day to find his little brother and sister using the bed as a trampoline. “Bobby! Bobby,” his little sister shouts excitedly as she jumps around with bobbing pigtails, “our new trampoline makes a special cracking noise just for us each time we jump on it!”


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