A couple of definitions

There are a couple of terms I have mentioned in previous posts that I’m not sure every one is familiar with: the 4s (I mentioned this in “Bryan/Laura Vocabulary”) and Invisi-Jo(e) (this is mentioned in “My life”). I will attempt to define them here.

The 4s is something my dad invented. I suppose you could call a healthy eating habit. My dad originally made this up for himself, as a diet. Bryan decided to do it with my dad in order to help him out. He liked it, and eventually convinced me to try it out. I liked it too. There’s something really nice about never feeling full. Of course, I get to take a break on the major holidays–Christmas, Thanksgiving, New years day, and immediate-family birthdays–but every Thanksgiving day I’m reminded how awful it feels to stuff myself, and I become very thankful for the 4s. These are the rules:       

1. No second’s (one plate is all you get, unless you’re eating your desert). Some people have cheated and changed this rule to “no stuffing.”

2. No sweets (except once a week)

3. No food after seven (unless it’s your desert night), and

4. No snacks (except fruits and vegetables)

Invisi-Jo(e) is an invisible person that I talk to. Usually Invisi-jo is someone (or a group of people) that I know in real life. Other times I don’t have a specific person in mind, which is basically what most people call talking to themselves. If you’re reading this (and of course you are), then you have probably been invisi-jo(e) at some time or other. Sometimes I talk to Invisi-jo (short for Josefine) and other times it would be Invisi-joe (like Joseph).

It’s really easy to make conversation with people when they are Invisi-jo(e). And I often wish I could reproduce the same ease of conversation with those people in real life. Every once in a while I will actually have a conversation with someone that I already had with them earlier in my imagination. It’s kind of odd when that happens, but it’s also kind of nice to already know what to say.

Talking to Invisi-jo(e) is a great way to figure out the answers to life’s questions. Bryan used to figure out the meaning of the passages in Romans that he taught by talking to Invisi-jo(e). And I have often practiced sharing the gospel with people that way. It’s also a great way to practice conversation skills! You may think that I’m really weird, but it’s really helpful, and enjoyable.


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