What really happened?

Which one(s) of these stories do think really happened? Because it has been a while since I wrote this, the reference times have changed (ie. Yesterday is no longer yesterday). 

Story one
I had a violin recital Saturday. I was the third from the last person on the program. After we listened to all the “Twinklers” and “one note wonders” play, interspersed with a few more advanced people, it was finally my turn. I walked up and prepared to play. Suddenly I realized that I couldn’t remember how my song went! I couldn’t even remember if the song was fast or slow. I was relieved when my teacher began her introduction on the piano and it all came back to me. The life returned to my frozen fingers and I started to play. As I was playing, my thought went something like this: “boy this song is long! I wonder if anybody’s even paying attention anymore? Hmm. Oh there’s a fly. Oh no, I better not pay attention to that fly-those are just the sorts of things that get you in trouble at a time like this. Here comes the hard part I’d better give it all my attention. Wait a minute. Where did the hard part go? Did I already play this part? What happened?” Somehow I was almost to the end and had not done the hard part yet. I asked my teacher later what had happened. She told me that I had gone in circles playing the same part over three times before moving on. When I finally did move on, I moved a little too far and ended up skipping the really hard part. Skipping the hard part wasn’t the worst thing I could do. It was actually a pretty smart mistake in my opinion.  My teacher once told me that the audience only remembers the beginning and end of a piece. I nailed those so maybe it was okay.    

Story two
It all started when I was washing dishes yesterday and dropped a glass. I spent a long time cleaning it up, and returned to my dishwashing. When I finished drying all the dishes, I got out a glass intending to pour myself some milk. I grabbed the milk and walked toward the counter. Just then the phone rang. I was the only one home so I hastily swung the milk toward the counter and hit it on the side, which knocked it out of my hand. Soon my feet were bathing in milk. “Not cool!” I exclaimed, and quickly ran over to the phone, which was by this time just beginning the answering machine message. It was just my mom. She was at Home Depot and needed me to measure something on the basement door. Later that day I was upstairs and spilled water on the carpet. I had a glass of water that I had set on the floor and I guess I miscalculated the distance between my foot and the glass. I was extra careful the rest of the day and managed to make it through without any more mishaps.

Story three
A while back-when my parents were taking the boys to school and I was staying with the Eppler’s-Mrs. Eppler, Laura Eppler, two of the Trinidadians (who were also guests) and I went on a walk in a neighborhood development near the Eppler’s house. I was wearing flip-flops that were a bit big for me. When we came to the end of a block we decided to go across the street. As I was coming off of the curb into the street, the front of my flip-flop bent backwards and I tripped. I took a few large steps in an attempt to stay upright, and fell forward into the street, hands in the air, just like toddler might have done. It must have looked hilarious. I felt funny as I got up and dusted myself off. I was laughing about it for some time. I remember falling like that as a child, but it had been a while.


3 thoughts on “What really happened?

  1. Goodish try Sara, but Bethany is correct (once again!); only story three is true. When are you home for your christmas break, Sara, and how long do you stay? I guess I probably won’t see you anyway. That’s the one problem with home churches. I hope you’re doing splendidly!


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