I’ve been using the last few days to prepare for the PSAT that I am going to take on Wednesday. It has actually been pretty fun most of the time. Did you know that it’s incorrect to say “I prefer apples over oranges?” It is also incorrect to say “I have to decide between pumkin pie, apple pie and brownies.” There are two problems with this sentence: “Who are you going to give that book to?” If you don’t know why any of these are wrong ask me next time you see me. If you can’t wait then look them up yourself.

Here is a question that was on my practice test:

There are 150 people in line outside a ballpark. If Peter is the 10th person from the front and Wendy is the 110th person from the front, how many people are there between Peter and Wendy?

Comment you answer!


8 thoughts on “

  1. Okay, Laura, my brain is similar to a tangled ball of string. I can’t tell what the right answer is.

    Interestingly, I will be taking the COMPASS placement test on tuesday. I have also been studying math, writing, etc, but can’t come up with the answer to your question.


  2. I thought the answer was 98, but I was wrong. Laura, nice try. At least your not dumber than me. It seemed like a really easy question when I came across it. I should have known that if a question was that easy at the end of the math section of the test, it’s probably a trick.

    Daniel, your right. The correct answer is 99. I’m still having trouble getting my mind around why that is.

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