Answered prayer

In bible study, we have been talking about and praying for opportunities to share the gospel. Rainy, overcast Friday evening my dad was coming out of his office in Parkville, and he was met by a very young Mongolian couple. They asked him where walmart was, and it was obvious that they were planning to walk. Of course walmart is miles from Parkville, so my dad told them to hop in the car and he would take them there. It turns out that they go to Park University and have only been in the states about a month. They don’t have a car, and since they are fairly new they don’t know a lot of people yet.

My dad dropped them at walmart and told them to call him when they were finished, and he would come pick them up.  When they called my dad, I went with him to go get them. They were so excited to meet me. Bogie (the girl) asked me if I have ever had a Mongolian friend before. I told her no, and she asked if I would like to be her friend. I, of course, answered her smilingly in the affirmative. They then suggested that we could be there host family. We agreed. Apparently they had signed up to get a host family but weren’t able to get one.

When we got to Park University, they showed us their room and showered us with all kinds of Mongolian gifts and things. We are going to invite them to our house to eat some day this week. I’m excited! This is a perfect answer to our prayers. Togo and Bogie are both 18 years old and were married three months ago in Mongolia.  We are going to invite them to the Bee Creek meeting. I can’t wait for you all to meet them!


2 thoughts on “Answered prayer

  1. Laura,
    That is awesome that your family has a good relationship with this people. That really was an answer to prayer! I can’t wait to meet them!


  2. That’s great, Laura. I know you’ll be a great friend to them. God is so awesome in the ways that He answers prayer. I’ll be praying for you as you get to know them better.


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