A Little of Everything

It’s one of those questions you don’t know quite how to answer: So how are you adjusting to Bryan being gone? Well, truthfully it’s not very different. We still live in the same house, have the same cat, eat the same foods, do the same things.

I guess I must have been preparing myself for a bigger change. And when the change actually happened, it wasn’t nearly as big as I thought it would be. And, having had one brother already leave, I know that it’s only a couple of months until he’ll be back again to stay for a couple of months. He’ll still be home half of the year.

Also, We still have vises. (Make sure you pronounce this correctly. If you have no idea what I am talking about refer to the post titled Bryan/Laura vocabulary part one.) Every Saturday we have a televis. He fills me in on what’s going on there. And I tell him what’s going on here. Last televis he told me all about the food there. He likes the salad bar a lot.

So, about life. I’ll be starting school on Monday. My subjects will be as follows:

Advanced Mathematics, Western civilizations, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Latin, Violin, Piano, Physical Education, and World views/Christian thought.

I’ve been enjoying listening to a lot of music lately. I’m listening to Mozart right now. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Fernando Ortega. Have you ever heard of him? The Cds I have of him are Home, Hymns and Meditations, and Hymns of worship. Bryan tells me that Benjamin has a Cd by Fernando Ortega at school that he has been enjoying. It’s called Storm.

Well, pretty much whenever I’m bored I go listen to some music, play some music, write in my prayer journal, Rearange my room, or study John. Life is good! My bible reading and prayer really have gotten better, but they’re still not to the level I’d like them to be. My real prayer is that we can all find ways to share the gospel. I pray that we would get so excited about the gospel as a result of Wednesday night Bible studies that we would be bursting to share the gospel during the week. 

Remember what Mr. Holloway said last night about the application of the first three verses. He said that studying them (specifically the attributes of God found in them) in light of the gospel should get us enthralled with the Gospel. At least, I think that’s what he said. Either that or I dreamed that he said it. But it’s true anyway. So we should meditate on the attributes of God and how they fit with the gospel so that we get so excited about it that we have to tell someone. So let’s do it!

Well, I’ve rambled long enough. More later.


2 thoughts on “A Little of Everything

  1. Yeah! Well I don’t miss you either! I’m kidding, I actually miss you a lot.

    What’s physical education?

    And how does your prayer journal work?

  2. Physical education is more then half the time walking with Dad. On the days when that isn’t the case I do a lot of running around the house, jumping jacks, etc. Its not really educational, it should just be called exercise.

    The prayer journal is written prayer. We are supposed to write at least a page of prayer every day.

    I guess your out of power at this time, huh? As Mr Whitney once said, “[you’ll] just have to watch tv in the dark.”

    I’m ready for another televis!


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