This is a list of what has happened today and what what will happen (if the Lord wills) in the days ahead:

This morning (Monday morning) we had the Trinidadians over for breakfast. They brought doubles (a food that my Dad and Brothers remember from Trinidad) for us to eat. It was very good. I’m not any good at describing food so I won’t try here.

Tonight we are going to pick Benjamin up from work and swing by the McDonnald’s house for a cup of tea.

On Wednesday I will babysit the Simson kids mid-day, and then, of course, go to bible study (CFYBS The Magnificent Moments part 2) that night. 

Benjamin and Bryan will be heading to school in Kentucky on Thursday. My parents will be taking them. Meanwhile I am going to stay with the Epplers. The Trinidadians are staying with the Epplers as well, so I will get to hang out (or “lime” as they say in Trinidad) with Sasha.

I will be going home with the Epplers Wednesday night and my mom will pick me up Saturday after they get back from Kentucky. When I get home I will imediately start the process of moving into Bryan’s room!

Here are a few things I hope to get done in the middle of all this:

Finish studying drivers guide so that I can get my permit.

Make copies of some cds that Bryan is planning to take to school with him. In fact, I’m working on copying a Mozart cd right now.

Do the five remaining hours of work that we gave my mom for her birthday. Probably half today and half tomorrow.

Study Colossians. Probably work on writing our first position paper.

Well that’s my schedule. Pray that I would be able to go through this week in a way that glorifies God.


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