Hello from Romania!

I finally have a chance to write! The trip is going wonderfully. We arrived in Bucerest, Romania on Friday morning, and drove around for a while. Sorin (pronounced so-reen, the emphasis is on the last syllable) Prodan (pro-dawn, the emphasis is once again on the last syllable) showed us around the city and told us some of the history.

We toured the second largest building in the world: ceausescu’s house. He was a comunist leader. I’ll have to look at the history when I get back. His house is really amazing!

After that we drove to a little church (just about 10-15 people) where both Bryan and my dad preached. Bryan preached the same thing he taught on wednesday. The violin that Sorin had for me is ok for my purposes right now, though I wasn’t able to use it the first night because the bow had practically no rosin on it. We bought some rosin later so I could use it. The keyboard that Benjamin was going to use didn’t work (I think the cord was messed up). So we ended up singing an arangment of Come Thou Fount, And the boys did another song, Benjamin singing and Bryan on guitar.

The hotel that we stayed at that first night was in a neat sort of run-down area. Our room was pretty nice. There was a band playing until about 11:45 outside our window. Of course, we were really tired so we didn’t enjoy that very well but on the whole it wasn’t bad. After all, Paul only had to go through many nights in damp, dark, prison cells.

The next day we traveled to the republic of Moldova. This is where we are right now, but we will be leaving tomorrow. We are staying at an apartment with a very nice family. Anatole is his name, her name is Nadia, and their three little boys are David, Paul, and Florin.

We have had many good experiences at several other churches since we have been here. At one church all the older women where wearing scarves over there heads. My mom brought a scarf just in case, and she wore it that night. She looked like a native. We made sure we got a picture!

Nadia is an excellent cook! I’m always stuffing myself (don’t talk to me about the 4-s right now). I wish I could tell you more right now but I don’t want to make this overwhelmingly long.

More later if possible


2 thoughts on “Hello from Romania!

  1. Hi!
    I’m so glad you are having a good time. Your post is very interesting. I can’t wait to read the next one. I am praying for you and your family.

    See ya,

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