Bryan/Laura Vocabulary (part 1): Viz

Bryan and I have a strange way of communicating things to each other. We have our own vocabulary, so to speak.

Perhaps the most often used of our words is “viz” (pronounced wiz). This comes from the English word visit, shortened with a Latin pronunciation added. We Often vizit (once again, this is pronounced wizit) eachother during a school day. This is a typical scenario when I want Bryan to vizit me (don’t forget to pronounce it right):

Me (talking loudly and gradually increasing in volume so he can hear me from another room): Hello viz (as you can probably tell, a person can be a viz) . . . Where’s my vizitor? . . . I NEED A VIZITOR!

Bryan: Hold on, I’m coming.

Bryan (a few seconds later, when he enters the room): Hi viz.

Me: Hi viz.

Later after viziting (sometimes vizing is the word used here) for a few minutes:

Bryan: Bye viz.

Laura: No, non bye viz.

Bryan: Gottlieb. (Think of the phrase “I’ve got to leave” and you’ll get the picture. Gottlieb is a German name. It is most familiar to us as the middle name of the German composer Scheidler.) 

Bryan exits the room.

There are a couple of different kinds of vizes (you must remember pronounce this with a w):

Lat viz: a viz in which one of the vizitors is studying Latin. These vizes are the most common long-term vizes and can be as long as two hours.

Walk viz: you guessed it, we go on a walk.

To be continued . . .  





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