The Grand Slide!

When we were in Switzerland a few years ago, we went hiking in the Alps. Don’t be impressed; it was just the children’s trail. But hey, at least we can say that we hiked in the Alps! And it seemed pretty hard, considering that was normally meant for children. That just goes to show you how much we hike!

After hiking for some time, we reached a somewhat flat area, which led up to a couple of peaks. Bryan was suddenly filled with an irresistible urge to climb up to one of them. When he could stand it no longer, he and Benjamin took off in that direction. They got about halfway to their destination and realized that it was a lot farther than they thought it was. They had the same problem that is common among children when acquiring food on their plates. They far to often get way more than they can consume.

After deciding not to proceed farther, they began their descent. They found it terribly steep, and their heads began to travel faster than their legs. In order to keep up with their heads they had to run faster. The faster they ran, the faster their heads seemed to pull them. When they reached the large ice patch, which stood about half way between us and the place where they turned around, you can imagine the slipping and sliding that went on. Since they knew they were going to fall, they chose to fall backward rather than forward. Seeing them slide down from below was hilarious. Their feet were above their heads! It looked like a lot of fun! Benjamin indicated his enjoyment of it by raising both hands in the air as he slid. Both of the boys were grinning at the fun. And, of course, we were laughing uncontrollably down below.

When they reached the bottom they found that they had acquired a fair amount of mud on their clothes. My dad pointed out that there were footprints about every eight feet. Bryan didn’t realize how far he had slidden until he saw his trail in the ice. Bryan says that he doesn’t remember very well, but he thinks he may have fallen and slidden on his rump and then once more gotten to his feet and then fallen again.  It was quite an experience just watching. I’m sure it was a much more memorable experience for those actually sliding down themselves. I would have tried it myself if it didn’t mean getting muddy.


One thought on “The Grand Slide!

  1. That is really funny! I can see the whole thing in my head, but I wish I could really have seen it. You should have tried it, mud and all:)


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