An Interesting Cooking Experience

On Monday (not last Monday because I wrote this a few months ago), my dad decided to have me cook supper. “It’s got to be something different,” he said over the telephone. “OK,” I returned. Once off the phone, I logged on to (my favorite food website) in search of something “different”. After a few minutes I hit on the right thing: Fresh Basil-Chicken Pizza. It looked like we had everything that I would need. I printed it off and got going.

I was supposed to marinate the chicken for 30 minutes first. The recipe said that I was to marinate it in Good Seasons Italian Salad Dressing. I figured that any Italian salad dressing would do, and I was right, except I wasn’t finding any in the refrigerator.

As I scanned through the salad dressings I saw a raspberry dressing. I sure thought that I had seen my mom marinate chicken in that salad dressing before. So, without stopping to think about what it would taste like, I poured some into the Ziploc bag where I put the pieces of cut-up, raw chicken. After I had done it, however, I stopped to think. Part of me said: ” That doesn’t really sound like it would taste all that good” and the other part of me argued, ” Oh, it will taste fine. After all, I’ve seen Mom marinate chicken in it before.” “Are you sure this is the same dressing she used?” returned my other half. That was enough! I called Mom! My mom informed me that it would not taste good and told me that she had never marinated anything in it before. So I hung up the phone and immediately drained all that I could off of it and rinsed the chicken as well as I could.

My mom said that there should be an Italian salad dressing in the refrigerator, I looked more carefully and there was some. I poured some of it into the bag with the somewhat rinsed-off chicken in it. “That should mask it,” I thought. I wasn’t exactly right, however, as I would find later.

The recipe called for a pre-baked pizza crust, which I was going to pre-bake myself. I looked downstairs to see if we had any of those easy pizza crust mixes that you just add water to, but we didn’t. I would have to make it from scratch. I got out my mom’s pizza dough recipe and began. This went fairly smoothly. I only encountered about three problems.

I first encountered the problem of not having enough flour. So I asked Bryan if he would mind grinding some whole-wheat flour for me. He agreed to it. So that was a fairly easy solution. My dad came home from work about this time and asked me if I was making plenty. I said that I was only planning to make one pizza but I might be able to double the pizza dough and use less chicken. He seemed to think that was a good idea, so I went ahead and stirred in some more yeast, water, sugar, salt, etc. into my pizza dough. When my pizza dough was ready, I spread it on two medium size pans. Then Bryan pointed out that there was plenty of dough to do large pans instead. So I had to transfer the dough to larger pans and wash the other ones. To make it a little more fun, I forgot to spray the new pans and had to take the dough off again to spay them. I put the dough in to bake, and started cooking the pink (from the raspberry dressing I couldn’t remove) chicken in a skillet. When the chicken was cooked I turned off the stove.

I got side tracked and left the skillet on the still hot burner, which made the Italian salad dressing that I was cooking the chicken in burn on the bottom of the pan, making it more work to clean. By this time the crust was pre-baked, the pink chicken was cooked and the cheese was as frozen as could be. So I assembled the pizza by topping the crust with Italian salad dressing, pink chicken, tomatoes, basil, and cheese (of which there was not much). I put it in the oven to melt the cheese, and it was ready!

As you probably have suspected, it didn’t taste that great! But it didn’t taste that bad either! The bites with chicken in them tasted strange, but overall it was tolerable. It was awfully filling because, as I realized when we were eating, I had used the amount of dough for four pizzas to only make two. I didn’t realize that the original recipe was for two pizzas. I had thought that the recipe made one pizza only, so I had doubled the recipe thinking I was making two. Oh well, at least this all makes for an interesting story!


One thought on “An Interesting Cooking Experience

  1. Laura,

    It sounds like you had a lot of fun anyway, even if it was pink. Don’t feel too bad. We were having company over for dinner one day, and I was in charge of the soup. It was to be potato soup, and it didn’t look too hard to make. The only problem was, I didn’t understand the consequences of not stirring it often enough (milk scalds really easily). Well, I noticed something wasn’t quite right, but I brought it out to the table anyway (it kind of smelled funny, but I had never made it before, so I didn’t know what to think. But hey, we had to eat something.) I wish you could have seen everyone’s faces when they took their first bites. It tasted terrible. I can’t even describe it. Needless to say, we had to find something else for dinner. So, don’t think you’re a failure if you dyed the chicken. At least you could eat it.

    Oh, I changed my blog to a wordpress account. I like it a lot better. It’s


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